Conditions of Service

  • All services are confidential and adhere to ethical principles set out by the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Canadian Psychological Association.
  • When providing services to a child who is a minor, the psychologist must obtain informed consent from the parent/guardian. Consent is not required from both parents since either parent normally has the right to consent to services for their child. However, when the parents are separated or divorced or the child is under the guardianship of an individual who is not the biological parent, the psychologist must ensure that the adult requesting services for the child is the child’s legal guardian. Thus, it is recommended by the College of Alberta Psychologists that psychologists obtain relevant court documentation prior to commencing services. As a result of this requirement, Core Psychology will request to view custody/access documentation pertaining to child clients.

Rates & Financial Options:

  • Most adults are eligible for full government funding for psychoeducational assessments. Post-secondary students accessing student loan funding can apply for reimbursement of a significant portion of psychoeducational assessment costs through the Canada Student Grants program. Please contact us for information on these options.
  • Specialized assessments can be contracted privately. Please contact us for rates and payment plan options.
  • Fees for counselling are in compliance with the Psychologists of Alberta Recommended Fee Schedule at $220/hr for services provided by a Registered Psychologist and $200/hr for services provided by a Registered Provisional Psychologist. Most extended health care plans and insurance providers allow for direct billing or will reimburse for the costs of counselling services in whole or in part. Clients are encouraged to contact their health benefits provider to determine their coverage. Services are not covered through Alberta Health Care.
  • Registered Psychologists are authorized as medical practitioners for the purpose of claiming medical expenses on income tax returns. Costs of psychological services may also be claimed through Personal Health Spending Accounts.
  • Payment options include cheque, e-transfer and cash. Detailed receipts are provided for all services.
  • Psychological services are exempt from GST.